Looking for a side hustle?

Now you can inspect properties with Roofrate. We are actively looking for bright, personable, reliable people to become Inspectors.

No boss.

Work on a self-employed basis within your local area.

Flexible schedule.

You’re in charge. Manage your visits and conduct appointments in your spare time.

Quick pay.

Keep an eye on your earnings after your inspection is completed.


Set up.

Create your personal account, upload the required documents and set the greater area you are willing to cover for a visit. All of our inspectors are vetted and trained to give truthful and realistic views of the properties.

Stand by.

Don’t worry, once you have set up your profile and completed the training we will notify you as soon as we have an inspection request within your desired area.


After checking the client’s requirements through our platform, you will schedule a visit and begin evaluating the property. You will take photos, 3D videos and highlight every aspect of the property, building and whereabouts.

Earn Money.

Make money on your terms, as soon as the inspection is completed and delivered to the client, track your earnings. The more you inspect properties, the more money you can make.

Become an Inspector

Visit properties, take photos, record 3D tours, fill checklists and give a truthful view of the property for future renters